Normantown Christian School Receives Grant

The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and its regional affiliate, the Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation (LKACF), recently awarded $1,815 in grant support to Normantown Christian.

The grant will enable Normantown Christian to initiate the school’s new program, One Child’s Time, which will allow students to create and frame paintings to be sold at arts/crafts shows, with 100% of the profits to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

“The Foundation’s LKACF Advisory Board, which is comprised of citizens in Calhoun, Gilmer and Wirt counties, felt that this was an excellent and self-sustaining program for Normantown Christian,” said Martha Haymaker, member of the LKACF Advisory Board.  “We highly recommended the project be supported with monies available from the Little Kanawaha Area Grantmaking Fund.  We are thrilled to see the school initiating One Child’s Time and look forward to the seeing the results.”

The Free Press WV
Terri Thomas and students from Normantown Christian in Shock,
WV accept the grant awards
from Marian Clowes, PACF’s Senior Program Officer and Martha Haymaker,
member of the LKACF Advisory Board.

Normantown Christian, a newly opened private school near the county line of Gilmer and Calhoun counties, serves students in kindergarten through sixth grade. 

The school applied for grant support through the Foundation’s fall Community Action Grants Program. 

The $1,815 grant was made possible with monies available from the Foundation’s Little Kanawha Area Grantmaking Fund and also from the Larry and Margaret Brown Advised Fund, upon the Advisor’s recommendation.

About the Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation:

The Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation (LKACF) works with individuals, families, businesses, and civic or nonprofit organizations to make a positive and permanent commitment for the future of Calhoun, Gilmer, and Wirt counties in West Virginia.  LKACF is an affiliate of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF), which is a single 501(c)(3) public charity that manages more than 350 charitable funds with nearly $34 million in assets.  The PACF works in partnership with its local affiliates to provide leadership and develop philanthropic resources to meet the needs of an 11-county service area.  Since 2004, LKACF has helped local citizens support charitable needs and touch every aspect of life in the community in a variety of lasting ways.  For more information about PACF and its affiliate, LKACF, visit or call 304.428.4438.

CommunityConcerns™: The State’s A-F Grading System Inflates Letter Grades For Schools

The Free Press WV

Long awaited A-F grades for West Virginia’s schools were released by the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) on November 16, 2016. The new grading system caused considerable controversy and its vocal critics included teachers, the West Virginia Education Association, and county school system administrators.

After the grading system’s details and grades were made public more controversy is spreading throughout the State. A major criticism is that the WVBE’s grading system caused grade inflation with disclosure that measures were taken to improve A-F grades for public consumption.

Consider high schools as an example. For reading and math proficiency each of the two categories was allocated 250 possible points to potentially total 500 points.  A total composite score, to be used to determine a final letter grade, involved adding points for ten other categories of variables for a possible total score of 1500 points. Assuming that a high school got 500 points for reading and math that would mean that for the two academic areas that score would be 500/1500 possible points=33.3%  of a total score. The effect is that points for the 10 other categories have more weight in determining a final score as the basis for a high school’s letter grade.

Also, based on a standard grading scale used in education a high school can have F grades for reading and math and still get a C or a higher grade.

According to the WVDE’s adjusted A-F grading system with 1500 possible points for a high school and total scores expressed as percentages,  54.66% would be an A compared to 49.38% for a B, 41.43% for a C, and 36.21% for a D. This proves that the WVDE made adjustments to inflate A-F grades for high schools.

If the WVDE wants to be transparent with how the State’s high school students are truly performing in math and reading proficiency, a separate letter grade should be assigned for those subjects with use of the education profession’s long standing A-F grading system to avoid grade inflation and sending wrong signals to the public.

Regardless of what happens next the WVDE has legal authority to impose its school grading system on WV’s counties. The special challenge to counties is what to do next.

The obvious choice is to set their own standards for proficiency for reading, math and other subjects. Then, their elementary, middle, and high schools could be managed accordingly to prepare high school graduates to be career and college ready.

The Free Press WV
Click on each school to see the details:

Gilmer County

Grade - School - State Ranking

A - Normantown Elementary - 13 out of 401

C - Glenville Elementary School - 206 out of 401

C - Sand Fork Elementary - 274 out of 401

B - Gilmer County High School - 56 out of 118

Braxton County

Grade - School - State Ranking

C - Burnsville Elementary School - 321 out of 401

B - Davis Elementary School - 26 out of 401

D - Flatwoods Elementary School - 340 out of 401

C - Frametown Elementary School - 127 out of 401

D - Little Birch Elementary School - 364 out of 401

C - Sutton Elementary School - 164 out of 401

C - Braxton County Middle School - 66 out of 171

A - Braxton County High School - 25 out of 118

Calhoun County

Grade - School - State Ranking

C - Arnoldsburg School - 40 out of 401

B - Pleasant Hill School - 182 out of 401

D - Calhoun Middle/High School - 93 out of 118

Doddridge County

C - Doddridge County Elementary School - 150 out of 401

C - Doddridge County Middle School - 50

A - Doddridge County High School - 19 out of 118

Lewis County

Grade - School - State Ranking

D - Roanoke Elementary School - 319 out of 401

D - Peterson-Central Elementary School - 357 out of 401

D - Jane Lew Elementary School - 381 out of 401

C - Robert L. Bland Middle School out of 171

C - Lewis County High School - 89 out of 118

Ritchie County

Grade - School - State Ranking

C - Ellenboro Elementary - 254 out of 401

C - Harrisville Elementary - 216 out of 401

C - Creed Collins Elementary - 192 out of 401

B - Smithville Elementary - 128 out of 401

C - Ritchie County Middle 87 out of 171

B - Ritchie County High School - 64 out of 118

EducationNewsWest VirginiaRegionBraxton CountyCalhoun CountyDoddridge CountyGilmer CountyGlenvilleNormantownSand ForkLewis CountyRitchie CountyUnited StatesWorldwide(13) Comments

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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

If we rely on gazette reporting then “eighty-three percent of elementary and middle schools’ A-F grades are based on students’ scores, and their growth in those scores, on the math and English Smarter Balanced tests. The Smarter Balanced measures represent about 73 percent of high schools’ grades.“

“Other factors, like attendance, make up the remaining part of the A-F scoring rubric.“

Sometimes it seems if the WVDE reports more to the media than the counties impacted by their decisions.  Local Board members in several districts say they were not included in the information pathway but read it in the papers like the rest of us.

By That Should Not Have Happened  on  11.21.2016

Common Core math will take care of all education problems.
Its all ready working.

By sleep well - all is ok  on  11.21.2016

Take hyperbole out of A-F and disclose how schools did for student proficiency in reading and math. That is what parents want to know.

Of the 1500 total A-F points those two areas could get a maximum of 500 points to be 1/3rd of the total points.

The BE’s system was devised to give too much weight to 10 other measures to cover up failing reading and math scores.

That makes it misleading to interpret that A-F gives 83% weight to proficiency of students being able to do math and reading at the time of testing.

The BE’s grading scheme is an example of comparing apples and oranges and the public sees through it.

By Pete Grimes  on  11.21.2016

It would be good advice for boards of education to insist on receiving all documentation to look for changes made in schools and central offices to try to get extra points to add up for overall letter grades.

After the initial grades were assigned school systems were given an opportunity to appeal with revised information for the purpose of trying to get more points.

At the same time there was an embargo to keep local school boards from getting any information until the final grades came out.

By WVDE A-F Skeptic  on  11.21.2016

This WVBOE grade, shell game, certainly gives validation to the old saying: 

‘Figures don’t lie but liars can figure.‘

Gilmer Free Press, a big thank you shout out for keeping West Virginia informed.

By WVBOE Emperor has no clothes...  on  11.21.2016

Points for reading and mathematics to contribute to a school’s A-F letter grade came from online smarter balance testing, and results for those two parts were assigned with use of a centralized computer program. Right?

What is not clear is how many points for a school’s letter grade came from self-grading at local levels.

Self-grading never works. WV must adopt an objective school grading procedure with no room for local tinkering. If it fails to do it letter grades will continue to be a hoax.

By Self-Grading Never Works  on  11.22.2016

A school’s improvement and persistence scores contributing to its letter grade are meaningless for my high school child scheduled to graduate in two years.

All that matters is what a school does with its performance in preparing my child for college.

The rest is smoke and mirrors for bureaucrats to haggle about along with their other “rubrics”.

By Focus On Academics  on  11.22.2016



By IS THIS TRUE?  on  11.24.2016

G “the boss” Devono says his Mentor S Collins is not his boss, C Daniel Assistant Superintendent is not his boss, M Martirano State Superintendent is not his boss and the State Board of Education is not his boss.  According to him, he has no boss. HE is a legend in his own mind who throws around the name of a certain Gilmer philanthropist like every other jerk who wants to play big shot.
Of course it is true.  Check with an honest member of your local Board .
Better ask how he wound up paying the same company owner to do that roof work on GES who was the same one he advertised in your local paper to contact about the bid specs and was paid as a consultant.
While you’re at it, you might check to see what he’s up to with your closed buildings and how he disrespects non-profit community groups.

By Check That Out  on  11.25.2016

Same crew that came in with City Construction to button up the new school roof right? Scuttlebutt says that leaked too. How they got in Gilmer to begin with?  All the talk about tailgate parties with contractors and Gabe D sounds like political favors & kickbacks. More than one knows how that goes when it comes to state contracts.

By How Bout It State Board?  on  11.25.2016

The only thing an A school got Gilmer County was to be closed, consolidated, good Teachers run off, kids traveled another half an hour down the mountain and no investment in the community that supported it.  All this done by State puppets.

By And They Wonder Why Kids Don't Try  on  11.25.2016

As a community volunteer how should I feel?
All are glad for the kiddies playground equipment, absolutely.

But why do I keep thinking we volunteers have been had? Yes, violated even?
School tax dollars being miss-spent?

Extra burden on all who helped raise the needed money?  Can we say as a community that the state appointed superintendent has scammed us?

We certainly are glad for playground equipment, but the way tax dollars have been spent, is a real insult to our Gilmer community.  This superintendent needs to GO, sooner than later.
What a disgraceful situation we have been placed in.  Thank you Charleston state board of education.

The state board of education says:  We are from the government and we are here to help you.  Ship Devano out and show us.  Do you have the necessary backbone or is Joe calling the game still?

By intervention is killing our community  on  11.27.2016

Yes it can be said that Joe Manchin is still involved with the West Virginia school system. Roundabout way, but still.
His wife, Gayle, is still on that WVBOE board.
Her term expired a year ago, but Gov. Tomblin has not named a replacement so she likely is still collecting on that $70k annual salary?
That’s a nice perk, while budgets are being slashed across the state.

By yes, joe is  on  11.27.2016

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Gilmer County Family Court Report

The Free Press WV

Family Court Judge Larry Whited held Court in Gilmer County.

•  One domestic violence petition was reset for November 16, 2016.

•  One contempt was heard continued.

•  One divorce was continued until January 11, 2017.

•  One modification was continued to January 11, 2016.

•  Two temporary hearings were heard.

Two divorces were granted as follows:

•  Kenneth Broome (53) of Linn, WV divorced Pamela C. Broome (49) of Weston, WV.

•  Elizabeth Shaffer (26) of Normantown, WV divorced Melvin Shaffer (32) of Normantown, WV.

•  One domestic violence petition was granted.

•  2 domestic violence petitions were denied.

•  Two modifications had temporary orders entered in them with final orders to come at a later date.

•  One modification was continued due to death in the family.

•  2 domestic violence cases were continued.

•  One divorce was continued.

•  One allocation petition was granted.

•  One divorce was granted between Autumn McKeown (26) of Glenville, WV divorced William Dennison (34).

GCHS: Honor Roll - 1st Nine Weeks - 2016-17

The Gilmer Free Press
1st Nine Weeks
7th GRADE    10th  GRADE
Bancroft, Trinity Barnhouse, Zeke
Beall, Ryan Bill, Jonathan
Black, Elizabeth Boggs, Maysen
Carr, Christopher Bossert, Morgan
Chapman, Avery Cole, Kendrick
Chapman, Jacob Facemire, Lucas
Conrad, Alex Frame, Joey
Gee, Shelby Frymier, Autumn
Hamric, Tristan Grove, Hannah
Hardwick, Jacob Huff, Hailey
Hess, Kathryn Klapka, Jaccob
Landis, Jesse Lake, Kevin
Marks, Geraka McCune, Clayton
Matheny, Matthew Moore, Cheyenne
McHenry, Taylor Page, Daydra
McVaney, Alexis Phares, Hailey
McWhirter, Keely Poole, Isaac
Minigh, Lilly Powell, Brianna
Morgan, Malaysia Rose, Dalton
Rice, Jailyne Sipling, Shayla
Self, Levi Steele, Chase
Stewart, Adam Wood, Sierra
Towner, Karma Yoak, Morgan
Wellings, Laurann
Williams, Destiny 11th GRADE
Young, Lucas Bennett, Rachelle
Black, Victoria
8th GRADE Brown, Jordan
Arbogast, Paige Glass-Hotch, Emmie
Burkhammer, Brianna Haley, Gunnar
Canfield, Logan Jedamski, Evan
Clark, Athena Jordan, Marea
Collins, Zachery Moore, Courtney
Frame, Christopher Murphy, Cynthia
Frymier, Allyson Nicholas, Taylor
Gibson, Autumn Nielsen, Christian
Gray, Jada Paxson, Devin
Greenlief, McKayla Persinger, Jacob
Grove, Corbin Price, Emily
Harubin, Aidan Self, Hunter
Lang, Rachel Skinner, Caleb
Law, Tierra Wine, Cassidy
Mathess, Taylor
Miller, Seaira 12th GRADE
Moss, Kyle Aviles, Noah
Newman, Joshua Crouch, Morgan
Ratliff, Landen Gibson, Caleb
Talbott, Brittany Gumm, Brody
Taylor, Dakota Helmick, Danny
Wellings, Thomas Lowe, Steven
Williams, Tori Maxwell, Shayna
Meadows, Tyler
9th GRADE Montgomery, Jason
Appleby, Elizabeth Roberts, Bryce
Finley, Rhea Shuff, Trey
Fitzwater, Brady Swiger, Kerri
Furr, Jagger Tanner, Lucas
Garcia, Savanna Watkins, Colleen
Harper, Jonathan Wiant, Brittany
Hinter, Hannah
Stewart, Christopher
Sumpter, Rebecca
Waddell, Harley
The Gilmer Free Press

GCHS: Principal’s List - 1st Nine Weeks - 2016-17

The Gilmer Free Press
1st Nine Weeks
7th GRADE    10th  GRADE
Anderson, Kaitlyn Bossert, Logan
Beron, Ryan Chapman, Lindsey
Facemire, Elijah Cole, Tiffany
Ferguson, Carrah Hardman, Faith
Hamric, Ean Mohr, Madison
Liu, Justin Murphy, Caitlin
Mohr, James Phares, Logan
Moyers, Autumn Raulston, Cassandra
Price, Scott Snyder, Kaylene
Stewart, Amiah
Taylor, Emma 11th GRADE
White, McKinzie Allison, Dillon
Brodeur, Naomy
8th GRADE Cain, Ruthann
Bourn, Shayla Evans, Ashley
Cawthon, Caliegh Garrett, Allie
Drake, Trevor Junkins, Nicholas
Eberly, Arista Lamb, Samantha
Fox, Emma Loyd, Raven
McCumbers, Sara Marks, Jesse
McHenry, Nicholas Moore, Keaton
Mohr, Eve Moss, Miah
Phares, Rachel Peters, Dalton
Stanley, Kenya Richison, Alex
Roberts, Maggie
9th GRADE Skidmore, Mary
Clegg, Kelsey Wanstreet, Haley
Cogar, Zane Wellings, Bayley
Haley, Ty White, Ashlee
Johnson, Jaycie Wright, Sada
Langford, Alyssa
Lemon, Hunter 12th GRADE
Liu, Andrew Arden, Jacob
Miller, Clifford Butler, Jacob
Morris, Maria Cogar, Abigail
Phares, Ethan Cottrill, Lydia
Pyles, Samantha Ferguson, Chandler
Roberts, Payton Fitzwater, Riley
Sanders, Hannah Furr, Madisyn
Watkins, Kerry Hardman, Lauren
Wellings, Grace Jenkins, Janeeva
Wine, Katelyn Jones, Alex
Yoho, Anna Law, Dalton
McNeely, Tristan
Moore, Tyler
Page, Ryan
Pritt, Nathan
Rader, Whitney
Shuff, Kylie
Sirbaugh, Lukas
Somerville, Carly
Springer, Carter
Wine, Caleb
The Gilmer Free Press

CommunityConcerns™: What’s Next WVBOE For The County’s Smarter Balance Test Results?

The Free Press WV

Each year student achievement testing occurs in the State’s schools and preliminary results for 2016 are available for Gilmer County.

The scores were for Normantown, Sand Fork, and Gilmer Elementary grade schools, and the Gilmer County High School.

Testing occurred for English and language arts (ELA), math, and science.

This is a breakdown of results with percentages of students who tested proficient and those who did not as indicated within parentheses: Proficient%(Not Proficient%).

Normantown Elementary

ELA Scores:

  • 3rd grade 75(25)
  • 4th grade 75(25)
  • 5th grade 85(15)
  • 6th grade 80(20)

Math Scores

  • 3rd grade 42(58)
  • 4th grade 69(31)
  • 5th grade 54(46)
  • 6th grade 73(27)

Science Scores:

  • 4th grade 63(37)
  • 6th grade 67(33)

Glenville Elementary

ELA Scores:

  • 3rd grade 39(61)
  • 4th grade 52(48)
  • 5th grade 48(52)
  • 6th grade 65(35)

Math Scores

  • 3rd grade 39(61)
  • 4th grade 27(73)
  • 5th grade 19(81)
  • 6th grade 42(58)

Science Scores:

  • 4rd grade 24(76)
  • 6th grade 61(39)

Sandfork Elementary

ELA Scores:

  • 3rd grade 53(47)
  • 4th grade 20(80)
  • 5th grade 14(86)
  • 6th grade 80(20)

Math Scores:

  • 3rd grade 41(59)
  • 4th grade 20(80)
  • 5th grade 7(93)
  • 6th grade 40(60)

Science Scores:

  • 4th grade 13(87)
  • 6th grade 50(50)

Gilmer County High School

ELA Scores:

  • 7th grade 51(49)
  • 8th grade 45(55)
  • 9th grade 36(64)
  • 10th grade 48(52)
  • 11th grade 35(65)

Math Scores:

  • 7th grade 33(67)
  • 8th grade 37(63)
  • 9th grade 24(76)
  • 10th grade 23(77)
  • 11th grade 21(79)

Science Scores:

  • 10th grade 29(71)

What will the WVBOE do with the test results considering that they represent cumulative effects from complicated factors impacting the County? Some of those factors, as suggested by K-12 educators, are Listed below for consideration.

  1. Students receive inadequate mentoring at home which is critical for enhanced performance at school.

  2. Too much standardized testing to cause students to be under-motivated to do their best plus the lack of incentives to encourage their maximum performance.

  3. Students come from homes without computers to diminish their skills at taking computerized tests at school.

  4. Failure for school systems to be administered with reliance on plans written by professional school system planners with proven expertise in improving student achievement.

  5. Administrators in county school systems who lack skills and aptitudes for using quantitative assessment data for use in obtaining continual student achievement improvements.

  6. The failure to hold school system administrators accountable for student achievement.

  7. Under involvement of school boards in continual monitoring of achievement results and setting standards to be a serious governance failure.

  8. Blaming low student achievement primarily on local cultural traits to deflect public attention away from need to deal with a school system’s deficiencies.

  9. Test results are withheld from citizens and the embargoes impede community awareness and demands for improved student achievement.

  10. Frequent changes of testing programs to prevent access to meaningful trend data for administrative decision-making designed to continually improve student achievement.

It is too soon to know how the 2016 Smarter Balance results will affect the WVBOE’s assignment of a letter grade to our two schools with use of its A-F system. The letter grades are scheduled for release in November. If updates become available for scores in this CommunityConcerns™, Mr. Gabriel Devono is requested to respond.

Gilmer County Pre-School Registration

The Free Press WV


The Free Press WV


Run times are approximate and subject to change.
All Students need to be at designated bus stop
at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled pick up.


#65 Darrel Ramsey
7:05 County Line 3:27 Gilmer Elementary
7:20 Robert’s Service Center 3:37 GCHS
7:35 River Street 3:42 Mineral Road
7:45 Sycamore Road 3:47 Sycamore Road
7:50 Mineral Road 3:57 River Street
7:55 GCHS 4:12 Roberts Service Station
8:05 Gilmer Elementary 4:27 County Line
#69 John Isenhart
7:15 Trace Fork 3:27 Gilmer Elementary
7:25 Tanner School 3:33 Watch Me Grow Daycare
7:37 Mouth of Third Run 3:35 Main Street (Elem. Only)
7:50 GCHS 3:39 GCHS
7:55 Main Street (Elem. Only) 3:55 Mouth of Third Run
7:58 Watch Me Grow Daycare 4:07 Tanner School
8:05 Gilmer Elementary 4:17 Trace Fork
#63 Woody McCullough
6:45 Mouth of Cub Fork 3:27 GCHS
7:04 Turn at Sherwoods 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:15 Head of Steer Run (Jim Moss) 3:44 Camden Flats
7:25 Mouth of Steer Run 3:54 Mouth of Cedar Creek
7:27 Normantown 4:04 Normantown
7:37 Mouth of Cedar Creek 4:06 Mouth of Steer Run
7:42 Camden Flats 4:16 Head of Steer Run (Jim Moss)
7:54 Gilmer Elementary 4:27 Turn at Sherwoods
8:04 GCHS 4:46 Mouth of Cub Fork


Glen Greathouse
7:00 Turkey Fork Turnaround 3:27 GCHS
7:12 Tolar Fork Turnaround 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:20 Dusk Camp Turnaround 3:47 Duck Run Turnaround
7:34 Low Gap 3:57 Edna Street
7:40 Edna Street 4:03 Low Gap
7:50 Duck Run Turnaround 4:11 Turkey Fork Turnaround
8:00 Gilmer Elementary 4:23 Tolar Fork Turnaround
8:10 GCHS 4:30 Dusk Camp Turnaround
#66 Susie Kirkpatrick
7:05 Gilmer Straight 3:27 GCHS
7:11 Copen Turnaround 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:20 Stout’s Mills 3:47 Lynch Run Turnaround
7:26 Sliding Turnaround 4:00 Route 5
7:32 Route 5 4:06 Sliding Turnaround
7:45 Lynch Run Turnaround 4:12 Stout’s Mills
7:55 Gilmer Elementary 4:21 Copen Turnaround
8:05 GCHS 4:27 Gilmer Straight
#68 Tim White
7:10 Right Fork Ellis 3:27 GCHS
7:24 Ellis 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:34 Hub Cab Corner 3:42 VanHorn Drive
7:39 Hacker Run 3:58 Hacker Run
7:55 VanHorn Drive 4:03 Hub Cap Corner
8:00 Gilmer Elementary 4:13 Ellis
8:10 GCHS 4:27 Right Fork Ellis
#62 Randy Hitt
7:00 Rocky Fork 3:27 GCHS
7:21 Indian Fork 3:30 Main Street (H.S. Only)
7:24 Upper Sand Fork (Bridge) 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:30 Mouth of Ellis 4:03 Mouth of Ellis
7:57 Gilmer Elementary 4:10 Upper Sand Fork (Bridge)
8:04 Main Street (H.S.Only) 4:13 Indian Fork
8:07 GCHS 4:34 Rocky Fork


#74 Colin Hartshorn
7:10 Head of Tanner Ck. Rd. 3:27 GCHS
7:18 Mouth of Tanner Ck. Rd. 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:30 Stumptown 3:57 Normantown
7:35 Lockney 4:02 Lockney
7:40 Normantown 4:07 Stumptown
8:00 Gilmer Elementary 4:19 Mouth of Tanner Ck. Rd.
8:10 GCHS 4:27 Head of Tanner Ck. Rd.
#61 Dean Baringer
6:55 Cedarville Store 3:27 GCHS
7:06 Leather Bark 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:18 Little Bull Run (Turnaround) 3:47 Mouth of Cedar Creek
7:28 Cedar Creek State Park 3:57 Head of Spruce
7:35 Head of Spruce Run 4:04 Cedar Creek State Park
7:45 Mouth of Cedar Creek 4:14 Little Bull (Keysucker’s Turnaround)
7:55 Gilmer Elementary 4:26 Leather Bark
8:05 GCHS 4:37 Cedarville Store
#63 Woody McCullough
6:45 Mouth of Cub Fork 3:27 GCHS
7:04 Turn at Sherwoods 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:15 Head of Steer Run (Jim Moss) 3:44 Camden Flats
7:25 Mouth of Steer Run 3:54 Mouth of Cedar Creek
7:27 Normantown 4:04 Normantown
7:37 Mouth of Cedar Creek 4:06 Mouth of Steer Run
7:42 Camden Flats 4:16 Turn at Head of Steer Run (Jim Moss)
7:54 Gilmer Elementary 4:27 Turn at Sherwoods
8:04 GCHS 4:46 Mouth of Cub Fork
#70 Mike Hill
7:11 Mouth of Flat Run 3:27 Gilmer Elementary
7:16 Mouth of Cross Cut 3:37 GCHS
7:26 Mouth of Popular Lick 3:40 Brooklyn
7:33 Steer Run Church 3:46 Mouth of Cedar Creek
7:35 Normantown 3:52 Mouth of Grass Run
7:41 Mouth of Grass Run 3:57 Normantown
7:48 Mouth of Cedar Creek 3:59 Steer Run Church
7:54 Brooklyn 4:06 Mouth of Popular Lick
7:57 GCHS 4:16 Mouth of Cross Cut
8:07 Gilmer Elementary 4:21 Mouth of Flat Run
#60 Stanley Cottrill
7:00 Rosedale 3:27 GCHS
7:14 Shock 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:20 Aunt Minnie’s Farm 4:01 Mouth of Grass Run
7:25 Intersection Rt. 33 4:12 Intersection Rt. 33
7:36 Mouth of Grass Run 4:17 Aunt Minnie’s Farm
8:00 Gilmer Elementary 4:23 Shock
8:10 GCHS 4:37 Rosedale


#71 Kelvin Sprouse
6:55 Head of Big Run 3:27 GCHS
7:04 End of Coning’s Straight 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:22 Mouth of Hemlock Road 3:45 Dowell (Transfer w/#72)
7:29 Leading Creek Elementary 4:03 Leading Creek Elementary
7:47 Dowell (Transfer w #72) 4:10 Mouth of Hemlock
7:55 Gilmer Elementary 4:28 End of Coning’s Straight
8:05 GCHS 4:37 Head of Big Run
#73 Sam Perrin
6:55 Ellis Run (Newberne) 3:27 GCHS
7:05 Jesse’s Run 3:37 Gilmer Elementary
7:14 Newberne 4:00 Leading Creek Elementary
7:37 Leading Creek Elementary 4:23 Newberne
8:00 Gilmer Elementary 4:32 Jesse’s Run
8:10 GCHS 4:42 Ellis Run (Newberne)
#72 Todd Stewart
6:57 Upper Horn Creek 3:29 Leading Creek Elementary
7:02 Cox’s Mills 3:42 Baldwin Church
7:12 Auburn 3:47 Dowell (Transfer w/ #71)
7:23 Lower Horn Creek 4:11 Lower Horn Creek
7:47 Dowell (Transfer w/ # 71) 4:22 Auburn
7:52 Baldwin Church 4:32 Cox’s Mills
8:05 Leading Creek Elementary 4:37 Upper Horn Creek

Gilmer County Residents Graduated from GSC

The Free Press WV

GLENVILLE, WV—Sixteen students from Gilmer County were awarded degrees during the Glenville State College Commencement Ceremony held on Saturday, May 7, 2016.

  • Hope L. Bossert of Glenville graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Criminal Justice.

  • Andrew B. Butcher of Glenville received an Associate in Science degree in Land Surveying Technology.

  • Elisabeth A. Coombs of Cedarville graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with minors in Health Promotion and Psychology.

  • David A. Finley of Glenville received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science with a minor in English.

  • Robert A. Hensley of Glenville received a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in Math (5-adult).

  • Jeremy D. Jenkins of Glenville received an Associate in Science degree in Criminal Justice.

  • Camden L. Kinder of Glenville received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Accounting.

  • Ian L. Morris of Glenville received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Management.

  • Emily E. Ramezan of Sand Fork graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with minors in Nonprofit Leadership, Health Promotion, and Chemistry.

  • Annetta L. Snyder of Stouts Mills graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in English (5-adult).

  • Taylor C. Somerville of Linn received a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree.

  • Valeri M. Sprouse of Glenville graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Accounting and Management with a minor in Nonprofit Leadership.

  • Abigal L. Stalnaker of Glenville received a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in Early Education (PreK-K) and Elementary Education (K-6).

  • Mistie R. Stracher of Tanner received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science in Psychology/Sociology with a minor in Mathematics.

  • Curtis R. Sutphin of Glenville graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in Music (PreK-adult) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a concentration in Vocal Music.

  • Tyler N. Wilson of Glenville received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science with a minor in Military Science.

Founded in 1872, Glenville State College is a public liberal arts college located in Glenville, West Virginia. The college offers a variety of four-year degree programs and several NCAA Division II athletic teams.

Carolyn Sue Meadows Sturm Selected as the 2016 Normantown High School Alumnus of the Year

The Free Press WV

The Normantown High School Alumni Association meeting for perhaps its last time in the gymnasium of the school Saturday May 28, 2016, awarded Carolyn Sue Meadows Sturm the 2016 Alumnus of the Year Award. Dr. Gary Smith, Chair of the Alumnus of the year Committee presented the award and related that Carolyn received it because of her dedication to the preservation of Normantown High School’s rich history.

She served as past Chair of the Preservation Committee and helped in securing a safe and protected location at the Gilmer County Recreation Center for the individual Class Pictures and the many trophies and awards earned by Normantown High School. She, along with several other Alumni members moved these important artifacts to the White House at the Center. She and the committee placed the NHS 1945 State Basketball Championship trophy in the Gilmer County High School main trophy case. The Trophy was later relocated to a NHS Alumni owned trophy case along with other valuable and sentimental memorabilia to the Cafeteria of GCHS.

She co-authored the reproduction of Coach Eugene Williams’ Scrapbook in which he kept an abundance of news paper articles and other printed materials telling first hand the story of the Normantown High School 1945 great basketball championship run and accomplishments at a time when there was no separate classification of schools but instead all schools, large and small, competed for the championship. It is a historic event for the School, Gilmer County, and West Virginia that will never happen again.

Carolyn and husband, Richard Sturm, are Lewis County residents and have been most all their adult life. They reared three children and have four grand children and three great grand sons. She has been very active in and a strong supporter of schools, sports and the Lewis County High School Athletic Association. She has provided food many of the sports teams before their games making sure that they had a nutritious meal before their activity. She has also been active in many community activities.

Carolyn was born at home at Normantown to the parents of Landis and Winnie Moore Meadows. She went to the Normantown School all 12 years graduating in 1954. She was a Cheer Leader many of her high school years and an excellent student. Her father was a Bus Driver for the school and her mother one of the excellent cooks who also provided meals for the athletic teams before events. She is one of the few survivors who attended all games played by the Normantown 1945 State Basketball Champs. Her mother, an avid fan, took Carolyn and her sister to every game.

Carolyn has been an excellent supporter of the Normantown Alumni Association and the Class of 1954 organizing special reunions for the 40th, 50th, and 60th year reunions and producing a 1954 Yearbook.

The Free Press WV

Public Notice: Vaccination of Dogs and Cats - June 10-11, 2016




Gilmer County Assessor, Gary L. Wolfe, would like to announce that William R Moodispaw, DVM, will be at the following named places on the dates listed below, to vaccinate dogs and cats AS REQUIRED BY WV CODE §19-20A-1.

All dogs and cats, which have reached SIX MONTHS OF AGE AND HAVE NOT BEEN VACCINATED WITHIN THE PAST 24 MONTHS, are required to be vaccinated before June 01, 2016.

The fee for rabies vaccination will be $8.00 according to WV Code §19-20A-1.

Due to Dr. Moodispaw’s schedule, he will only be at the following locations on the dates and times listed below:

FRIDAY June 10th

08:30 – 09:00 am Mouth of Jesse’s Run
09:15 – 10:00 a.m. Tanner
10:20 – 11:00 a.m. Heiney’s
11:45 – 12:30 p.m. Dawson’s Farm
12:45 – 01:30 p.m. Normantown
02:00 – 03:00 p.m. Cedarville

SATURDAY June 11th

08:00 – 09:00 a.m. Court House
09:15 – 10:00 a.m. Camden Flats
10:15 – 11:15 a.m. Sand Fork
11:30 – 12:05 p.m. Mouth of Ellis
12:30 – 01:00 p.m. Somerville Store
01:30 – 02:15 p.m. Troy School

Gilmer County Schools May/Summer 2016 Newsletter: Normantown Elementary

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

Normantown Elementary has had an exciting last month of school with various activities.

The entire school kicked off State Testing with a pep assembly featuring the staff and students in “We Will Rock the Test.”

The students have been working very hard completing the tests and one lucky boy and girl received a bicycle on May 20, for having perfect attendance during testing.


Thanks to the PTO, the school traveled to the Columbus Zoo on Friday April 22, sporting their new NES T-Shirts. 

PK and Kindergarten had an exciting day at the WV Game Farm and and PK had a fun day celebrating the end of the school year. 

6th grade attended the WV Soil Conservation Day at Cedar Creek State Park and even though it was a rainy day they had fun and enjoyed seeing their future classmates from GES and SFES.

The Free Press WV

Ronald McDonald stopped by the school and got the kids involved in “One Minute to Move It!”

He stressed the importance of staying active and demonstrated many ways they could do that.

All the students and staff enjoyed the outdoor assembly with lots of moving going on.


The Free Press WV

Congratulations is in order for Normantown Elementary.

They ranked second overall in the state for 5th Grade Reasoning Mind.

Categories such as class accuracy in study modes, review modes, test prep modes, time spent online, as well as how often reports were being pulled were used for these rankings.

Mrs. Stewart’s class has excelled with using the program.

The class has consistently had 100% of students meeting accuracy goals.

They go beyond the bare minimum required and always exceed what is expected.

The room is always focused, self-motivated, and a collaborative learning environment.

Hats off to them and the year of hard work they have done!

The Free Press WV

Allison Wood and Dalton Persinger were the winners of a new bicycle for having perfect attendance during State Summative Testing

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