Gilmer County, WV - Official Certified November 04, 2014 Election Results

Gilmer County, WV - Official Certified November 04, 2014 Election Results
1 5 6 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 24 27 31 Total
  U.S. Senate
Shelly Moore Capito R 126 101 84 86 68 2 6 91 85 63 31 103 82 61 989
Natalie Tennant D 37 64 31 50 25 4 2 96 74 26 15 76 34 38 572
John S. Buckley L 3 7 1 1 0 1 0 5 7 1 0 3 1 3 33
Bob Henry Baber M 9 6 2 4 4 0 1 13 6 7 1 13 10 4 80
Phil Hudok C 1 1 2 1 0 0 0 1 4 1 2 0 0 0 13
TOTAL: 176 179 120 142 97 7 9 206 176 98 49 195 127 106 1,687
  U.S. House of Representatives
David B. McKinley R 100 83 74 68 58 3 4 80 66 48 22 88 73 50 817
Glen B. Gainer III D 73 95 47 71 39 4 3 120 107 46 26 100 50 55 836
TOTAL: 173 178 121 139 97 7 7 200 173 94 48 188 123 105 1,653
  WV State Senate
Kent Leonhardt R 88 76 58 55 52 77 73 57 536
Larry John Edgell D 66 87 47 68 29 95 40 39 471
Jeffrey Frank Jarrell C 3 4 4 3 6 4 1 2 27
Michael L ‘Mike” Queen R           1 3 58 49 25 21       157
Mike Romano D           5 5 124 102 57 28       321
Patrick Shawn Smith L           1 1 19 22 12 0       55
TOTAL: 157 167 109 126 87 7 9 201 173 94 49 176 114 98 1,567
  WV House of Delegates
June Turner R 61 48 56 27 20 212
Brent Boggs D 111 151 120 67 28 477
Roger Hanshaw R 100 61 66 56 2 5 83 80 57 510
David A. Walker D 74 58 70 35 5 3 101 36 44 426
TOTAL: 174 172 119 136 91 7 8 199 176 94 48 184 116 101 1,625
  Gilmer County Commission
Brian Kennedy D 102 105 80 79 45 4 3 132 108 61 31 122 65 66 1,003
John Bennett D 127 122 89 102 60 5 7 169 134 80 39 137 77 68 1,216
TOTAL: 229 227 169 181 105 9 10 301 242 141 70 259 142 134 2,219
Nonprofit Youth Organization F 83 58 41 66 36 3 6 108 82 36 30 116 55 36 756
A 62 87 51 52 42 4 2 62 73 34 17 50 53 42 631
Gilmer Public Library F 100 100 73 105 59 5 9 167 116 66 36 150 72 70 1,128
A 62 72 43 31 36 2 0 31 55 24 13 35 47 33 484
Gilmer Couty Extension Service F 89 94 72 95 56 5 7 153 101 59 28 145 68 68 1,040
A 65 77 42 36 35 2 1 45 64 31 19 38 49 35 539
Gilmer County Parks and Recreation F 102 97 65 105 57 3 8 161 106 61 33 158 76 68 1,100
A 61 73 51 30 36 4 1 35 62 30 15 28 43 34 503
Gilmer County Board of Health F 114 112 78 104 56 5 8 164 114 61 34 150 72 72 1,144
A 47 65 38 30 36 2 1 38 56 28 14 35 47 29 466
Gilmer County Senior Citizens F 126 123 92 106 70 4 9 169 119 61 41 153 92 79 1,244
A 42 52 26 29 25 3 1 32 55 27 7 33 30 25 387
Precinct 1 – Normantown
Precinct 5 – Cedarville
Precinct 6 – Rosedale
Precinct 12 – Kanawha Drive
Precinct 13 – Tanner
Precinct 14 – Sand Fk - Elementary School Gymnasium
Precinct 15 – Glenville - Elementary School - Music Room
Precinct 16 – Gilmer County High School - Commons Area
Precinct 17 – Sand Fk - Elemetary School Cafeteria
Precinct 18 – Stouts Mills
Precinct 20 – Gilmer County High School - Library
Precinct 24 – Glenville - Elementary – Cafeteria
Precinct 27 – Troy
Precinct 31 – Cox’s Mills
The Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer County Board of Education Meeting Monday - Monday, 11.17.14


Gilmer County Board of Education
Gilmer County High School
Monday, November 17, 2014 - 6:00 PM

I. CALL TO ORDER - Roll Call by President



                    A. CGCC-  Dr. Carl Armour - October 21, 2014

                    B. RESA 7- Dr. William Simmons


                    A. Minutes: October 20, 2014

                    B. Budget Supplements & Transfers

                    C. Financial Statement/Treasure’s Report

                    D. Accounts Payable

                    E. Student Transfers

                    F. Field Trip Requests

                    G. School Volunteers

V. Superintendent’s Information/Action

                    A. Seniority Lists

                    B. Status of Schools

                    C. OEPA- Kyre-Anna Minney

                    D. Strategic Plan-Kyre-Anna Minney

                    E. Finance-Kendra Brown



G-OB™: Gilmer County Schools Employment – Special Education Teacher (half-time, PM) - NES

Special Education Teacher (half-time, PM)

Grade Level:

I. The teacher shall implement the programs of study.  

II. The teacher fosters a classroom climate conducive to learning.  

III. The teacher utilizes instructional management systems models that increase student learning.  

IV. The teacher monitors student progress towards mastery of instructional goals and objectives.
V. The teacher communicates effectively within the educational community, and with parents on a regular basis.   

VI. The teacher meets professional responsibilities.  

VII. The teacher demonstrates competency in the knowledge and implementation of technology standards.   

1.Provides individual and/or group instruction. 
2.Participates in SAT meetings for students and recommends education modifications to team. 
3.Participates in SAT review for evaluating effectiveness of educational modifications or recommends SAT screening or multi-disciplinary assessment. 
4.Observes students in the regular classroom setting. 
5.Administers SAT screening tests to students referred through SATs. 
6.Prepares and submits to the Office of Special Education signed written reports of SAT test results and recommendations for multidisciplinary assessment. 
7.Attends Eligibility Committee Meetings/IEP meetings upon notification of the building principal or special education director. 
8.Prepares individual education plans (IEPs) stating goals and objectives for each student receiving services. 
9.Reviews and revises the IEPs annually. 
10.Maintains valid and up-to-date student records. 
11.Informs parents regularly of their children’s progress and seeks their cooperation and support. 
12.Sends student progress reports to parents as required. 
13.Consults with classroom teachers, parents, and others regarding student progress and suggestions for educational modifications. 
14.Attends special education staff meetings. 
15.Attends and/or participates in special education in-service/continuing education and other staff development activities. 
16.Informs the principal/special education director of concerns or potential problems regarding the program. 
17.Submits requisitions for materials to the building principal. 
18.Maintains an inventory of materials purchased to serve special students. 
19.Maintains professional standards in compliance with the laws, procedures, and policies set forth in federal, state, and county regulations. 
20.Performs other duties assigned by the principal and director of special education. 

Job Location or School Name:
Normantown Elementary



West Virginia Certification in Special Education, Multi Categories K-6 
Qualifies or agrees to qualify as a “Highly Qualified Teacher”.   
Possess the knowledge, skills and ability to successfully carry out responsibilities of the position. 

Based on Professional Salary Scale for Degree and Experience

Closing Date:

Submit letter of application and resume. 

Apply to:
Judith A. Stalnaker, Personnel Director 
Gilmer County Schools 
201 N. Court Street 
Glenville, WV 26351 
Fax: 304.462.5103

County Contact Email:

Gilmer County Board of Education Worksession - 11.13.14 - Today






Gilmer County Board of Education

Central Office

Thursday, November 13, 2014 – 4:30 PM



I. CALL TO ORDER - Roll Call by President


III IN-SERVICE - Howard O’Cull

        A. Open Meeting

        B. Ethics

        C. Finance


G-FYI™: On The WV State BOE Agenda for Meeting on 11.12.14

The Gilmer Free Press

New Business:

A. Consideration of Approval of the Sale, by the Board of Education of Gilmer County, the Property Known as the Site for the Cedar Creek Elementary School - (Action)

Consideration for approval of the sale of the property known as the “Cedar Creek Site” sold at public auction on October 23, 2014 to Waco Oil and Gas Company, Inc., for the sum of $400,000. The property description is attached.

This matter may involve an Executive Session as provided in W. Va. Code §6-9A-4(b)(9), To consider matters involving or affecting the purchase, sale or lease of property, advance construction planning, the investment of public funds.  The Board majority must vote to have an Executive Session.  (No action will be taken in Executive Session.)

It is recommended and a motion is requested to approve the sale of the Cedar Creek property, as contained in the attached property description, to Waco Oil and Gas Company incorporated for the sum of four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000).
Click H E R E for Attachment L Document

B. Consideration of Approval of the Purchase of Property by Gilmer County Board of Education (Grantee) from the Morris Foundation (Grantor) - (Action)

Consideration for approval of the purchase of property by Gilmer County Board of Education (Grantee) from the Morris Foundation (Grantor) for the sum of Ten Dollars ($10.00).  The deed from Morris to Gilmer, which has a signature line for the State Superintendent, as WVBE designee, to signify acceptance, is attached.

[This matter may involve an Executive Session as provided in W. Va. Code §6-9A-4(b)(9), To consider matters involving or affecting the purchase, sale or lease of property, advance construction planning, the investment of public funds.  The Board majority must vote to have an Executive Session.  (No action will be taken in Executive Session.)]

It is recommended and a motion is requested to approve the purchase of the property in the Hayes City Addition to the City of Glenville, by the Gilmer County Board of Education for the sum of ten dollars ($10.00) from the Morris Foundation.

Click H E R E for Attachment M Document

GFP - 11.10.2014
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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

John Bennett, your newly elected county commissioner knows the story.  This was before the West Virginia Board of Educrats fired John.  The so called donated 13 acre tract was previously rejected by the School Building Authority of West Virginia as a potential school site.  Reason:  Flood Zone
So what changed?

By He Knows-Tell Everyone John  on  11.10.2014

Interesting that Cedar Creek land was auctioned off on October 23, 2014 but the deed from the Morris Foundation was signed and notarized by Foundation President Morris daughters secretary on October 22? The day before the public auction? Makes it look like the parties were pretty cock sure what was going to happen.

Why would Waco convey the parcel to the non-profit Morris Foundation on the 24th of September?

How long ago was this all put in motion?

By Truth Will Out  on  11.10.2014

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Gilmer County Board of Education Worksession - Thursday - 11.13.14






Gilmer County Board of Education

Central Office

Thursday, November 13, 2014 – 4:30 PM



I. CALL TO ORDER - Roll Call by President


III IN-SERVICE - Howard O’Cull

        A. Open Meeting

        B. Ethics

        C. Finance


Normantown: Fall Craft Fair - 11.08.14 - This Saturday

The Gilmer Free Press

G-LtE™: Gilmer County Schools

The Gilmer Free Press

Mr. Ramezan.  I recently discovered the YouTube link on your wonderful website.  It sparked my interest so I proceeded to look around at it.  I discovered all the Gilmer School Board meeting videos.  I have been reading the stories that have resulted from the state takeover.  I must say I was not prepared for what I saw.

The June 06, 2014 meeting was pretty long video, the last 10 minutes are all you need to view.  Start your view @ 120 minute mark.

Many have wondered exactly where the local board stood with this state takeover.

Gilmer County Board President Dr. Simmons said a mouthful.  Its clear as a bell for all to hear.  One would suppose he speaks for the entire board when he makes his statement regards working with Superintendent Blankenship?  He states he “would not be an impediment” for anything Mr. Blankenship needed to do. That is clearly a go-along-to-get-along mentality.

I believe Gilmer voters elected Simmons to work for the best he could do, in and for, this community.  His taking this stance is aiding and abetting the State Board of Education in their improper, potentially illegal takeover of Gilmer schools.

With his statement, I would suggest Dr. Simons should resign as school board president, at the least, and for the best resign from the school board.

~~  author on file ~~

Entire Video

Start at Suggested Mark

GFP - 11.07.2014
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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

All it took for us to know his intentions was when he threw that hissy fit over Devano getting the Superintendents job.  Simmons cried he just didn’t understand how “Ike” could say it was alright with him and it didn’t happen and he was going to quit and not do another thing for this county. Now he’s bragging that he’s going to be put on the state Board of Ed.  Somebody had better be kidding.  This guy has trashed this county’s since he got on the local board. What was it he said about our kids, drug addicted, poverty stricken? Worse he’s ever seen? Think he’s the worst we’ve ever seen.

Check out the local boards yearly report in the paper that showed he got over 5,000 dollars in travel & so forth plus the regular check for a little over 4,000 dollars and it’s plain the man thinks he should get paid every time his truck leaves Leading Creek. People say if Armour gave him the Career Center we’d save money as the office would only have to write one extra check a month.

By Needs To Go  on  11.07.2014

Watched video.  What is the meaning of “ag opinion”?  Agriculture or what?

By please explain??  on  11.07.2014

Mr. Devano says the state will give back our schools in one year.  That would be June 2015.  Is that official or just hype?

By wondering!  on  11.07.2014

I really think Mr. Simmons needs to watch and listen to himself. Maybe he just does not know that he is saying one thing and doing something else! He can forget you know….

By reality check  on  11.07.2014

I attended two of the coalition meetings and this simmons is not the same simmons in those meetings. what happened dr.?

By puzzled  on  11.07.2014

Was he not the same person along with Blankenship bragging and pushing for the Cedar Creek Land? Obviously decision was made by these two to present it to state since none of the CEFP members know anything about deciding to purchase the land.

By Fact Check  on  11.07.2014

Unbelievable!  Wasn’t Bill the one who says fixing education is so easy he could run these schools sitting on his front porch?  Doesn’t he say Joe Manchin and Ike and Mattern are mafia and Tomblin and Blankenship their puppets?

Right on this video he says he never wanted to get in Blankenship’s way on anything he wanted to do.  What a hypocrite cause that is sure not what he said to the coalition.

Lately all anyone hears is he’s going to see the Governor about his teacher academy when he knows the colleges are having to cut professors and programs because of the budget and the state’s spending Gilmer money like it’s water on bad land deals.Or does he know? Maybe he forgot.

If Earl Ray doesn’t appoint him maybe he’ll play the long suffering martyr again as his excuse for nothing getting done for this school system while he sits and nods his head in time to the state Supers tune. Watched him, he won’t even turn a page to look at what others are talking about. Just another one who thinks paying for something new is better than trying to fix what you have every time. As long as it’s means spending other peoples money that is.

On the positive side if you want a quotation from a dead philosopher, he’s your man.

By Sad To See  on  11.07.2014

Blankenship and Simmons led the state Board of Ed down the primrose path to failure and embarrassment on the Crooked Run school property fiasco.
ILM bailed their butts out.  Rather a poor deal all the way around.
This is what happens when you don’t have responsible community involvement.  They aren’t so daxx smart after all?

By GC paid  on  11.07.2014

Appearances indicate someone was bought off?
Its been repeated all over our county that WKS would replace Blankenship.  Not.
Now we are hearing that WKS will be appointed to the state board of education.

By singin' That 'ill be the day  on  11.07.2014

The same people who ran him out of the college saw to it he was run off as a legally hired Gilmer school superintendent, darn well will make sure he doesn’t pop up in Charleston.

By truthbeknown  on  11.07.2014

What is happening with Mr. Simmons is really pretty sad.  Source in the education complex explains he is being given the office to office shuffle and he doesn’t realize it.  They are being nice to him because of his advanced age and he has not realized that.  That is sad.

By no winners  on  11.07.2014

Right now BS believes all he needs is his reputation as a GSC Pres to get by. He relives the good old days over and over refusing to acknowledge anything bad ever was said on the hill about him.
The only students he ever talks about at all are the Juniors or Seniors at the High School and only the ones that can go to college. Not GSC as the educated duo say Pete Barr screws that up. BSers have no clue about what educational needs there might be unless a child can go on to the halls of higher learning.
Putting Simmons and his best bud on the board sounded good but was a bad idea on all our parts.  Flowery language with little substance and a greed for power came of it. Watch as they frown to discourage the rest of the board from asking questions.  They don’t want them talking & questioning because what BS & pal don’t know doesn’t matter. Seem to figure they can’t be held responsible for what they don’t choose to hear.  The truth is not in them and state appointed superintendents like that.

By Let Them Make Shine  on  11.07.2014

There’s still a couple of Profs around that are proud they were instrumental in forcing Bill Simmons OUT of his position at GSC. Say they have no regrets about it.

Simmons pretty well described as a glory hog who would sell his friends and the College out to show he was a mover and shaker in the imaginary world of political influence he dreamed he had control over no matter who it hurt.He had no friends when it came to the Simmons theory of CYA.

Point is he hasn’t changed. Too self absorbed with an almost childish need for praise and acknowledgement to know when he’s being used.

Gayle Manchins latest boy Gabe Devano is as glad of that as Ron Blankenship was. Gilmer County tax payers, especially those with a child or grand child in elementary school, not so much.

By Marshall  on  11.08.2014

Simmons swears Devono will be gone by June, the state won’t keep him but smiles about holding his hand.  Some believe Gabe is here for two years and gets retirement.

Anybody know what that big group was about that was at the Board office about four o’clock?  Had to be a big deal as several Teachers and Principals went in.  From the window Simmons had his new puppy bill ups on a lease prancing around at his feet.What’s up with that? Trouble in paradise?  Armor finally wise up? Hope so.

Was there a public meeting?  Must have missed the advertisement. Couldn’t be about the new school since signing of the deeds are not even on the state board agenda til November 12th and the SBA doesn’t have a meeting scheduled before December. Check the web sites. An unapproved project can’t have any land or money yet can it?  Did the Gilmer County Board do that? Are they planning something before the public is told again? We know we won’t be asked by the state. Devano’s meeting to tell all us regular people about county school facilities is for 12 November.  Appears he’s not going to jump the gun before pen is put to paper by the State BOE and the SBA. Why would Gilmer? Common sense isn’t common enough any more.

By Window Watcher  on  11.08.2014

Shutterbug told me.  Says he has pictures but don’t know what was going on. With big man bill there don’t figure it was anything worth much. That new man runs him.

By Plowe  on  11.08.2014

You could almost handle old Simon.  But when you actually realize who was likely one of the two people who caused the takeover of our schools, you come to your senses.  By now everyone understands with who the blame lies.

By regret my vote  on  11.08.2014

Watched the videos.  Does anyone other than Mrs. Starkey and Mrs. Hurley really, really stand up for our school system?  The 3 men seem rather meek with little substance.  The other lady, Ms/Mrs. Pritt seems to know what is up but rather timid.  Just watching it all on video is not real accurate, but you can get a feel.

By watched It  on  11.08.2014

One of the easiest traps to fall into is getting involved with running down other persons. A famous human behaviorist observed that there is a hierarchy of dominant talk patterns of people. The first is those who principally talk about other people (gossip) while seemingly taking personal delight in tearing others down, the next level up involves those who tend to focus on things as objects of their talk, and the highest level for benefiting society are those who spend their time thinking and debating concepts for making society better. When discussions escalate in Gilmer County regarding needs for improving the unexcusable mess the State caused with our school system there is a spike of personal attacks as if there is a deliberate attempt from somewhere to throw citizens off trail. That insults because the instigators do not give the great majority of our citizens credit for being able to think for themselves.

By Human Behaviorist  on  11.09.2014

Remember the days when all we read about our schools were the honor rolls and sports activities?
Since the state took charge, seems pretty much negative news?  One thing after another.  Now we get a school in the flood plain?  That’s brilliant.
Certainly keeps the rumor mill spinning full tilt.

By Harold Robbins  on  11.09.2014

People are fed up with the personal attacks. Those making the attacks have vile agendas for hate and revenge. If they have suggestions for specific ways for improving lives of our children let them come forward to make themselves and their ideas known. Attacking individuals is easy compared to advancing well thought out, constructive ideas for honest debate. Because of how people talk in the County sources of the attacks are known and the highly vocal and mean spirited individuals making them do not speak for the majority of our citizens!

By R. Black  on  11.09.2014

Rumor on the GFP seems to be revealed as truth more often than not.  It has long been the “state” position that no one should be held accountable unless the “state” is the one pointing the accusing finger and handing down their brand of justice. Gilmer County found that out the hard way. No accountability or transparency is what has led to this “mess”. The back room deal, invitation only, speak only in whispers, attitude needs to change.

Over and over the Free Press has let the truth come out to those who want to know. The citizens who watch the videos,follow the meetings, go to the web sites, read the minutes and agendas and debate the issues are doing the work because they care and are not just thinking about themselves but how the truth discovered impacts their neighbors as well. It’s what a community does.

Nothing will change and allow improvements that can be recorded, measured and the methods used factually and consistently documented when it comes to education in WV- unless and until ALL those, (“state” or local level), who believe it a good thing to conduct public business in back rooms and thereby disenfranchise citizens understand the basic premise of a democracy.

By Difference of Opinion  on  11.09.2014

It would be nice to talk about the achievements of our four elementary schools and how the voters and tax payers were allowed to debate and collaborate on new facility needs but it didn’t happen and the conversation hasn’t been permitted in four years.All four have been forcibly closed and one in a known flood plain will be forced down our throats by the state and those who go along to get what they want.  Right now the closest bus stop to some Troy students is four miles away.  Same situation in the Normantown area. Students in Sand Fork walk over two miles on roads with no shoulders, no cross walks, no traffic lights, not even a slow, children at play sign.  You can say they pay the parents but what price do you put on a child’s safety?
The Normantown site couldn’t be remodeled or used for a new building because of its flood plain status.  That’s documented in the OEPA audit and various minutes but the state can put a school right on land with calls on the Little Kanawha low water marks and the center of Stewarts Creek?  Read the deed on the state BOE agenda for Nov 12.Who voted for that?

The people are tired of being ran over and used for political purposes.That’s what they are tired of. Ask Ritchie County home school Parents how they feel now about the harassment as their Super Toman trying to force them back into schools they didn’t want.We remember when he started this fiasco to force us into one school. Maybe Ritchie will wise up like Wirt did before it is too late.  It’s a shame gilmer didn’t. 

If you have read the SBA’s new agenda reported here on GFP you would know that the new game plan is smaller schools, smaller classrooms. WE HAD THAT. Now we don’t even know how many elementary aged children one new building will be designed for.  We have been told it is less than the number enrolled.  How will that fill the Gilmer County High School in the future? Will there be a High School in Gilmer?

Sit quiet while the very back bone of this county is broken in two and half of it thrown in the trash?  Not likely. This one size fits all idea only fits if you work or live near town. Erase the borders and change the name to GSCollege County because many are no longer certain this is still America and not communist China under state control. Its a safe bet they will still want ALL of us to pay the same amount of regular and excess school levy taxes. We won’t get much of a choice about that either.

By No  on  11.10.2014

From appearances, the negative comments mostly have just a couple commonalities. 
- -frustration about the lack of transparency.  Wouldn’t that lack simply be hiding actions by government?  That causes most people to believe illegal activity is being covered over.
- -lack of public involvement in activity that effects the entire community.
Venture a guess transparency and involving the public,
most negative comments would stop.
The control by Charleston could reverse likely change the situation.

By will they  on  11.11.2014

Blankenship used to have the school board meeting agendas published here on Free Press.  Do not remember seeing one since the replacement superintendent took over?  Have I missed them?

By Lewis C.  on  11.12.2014

Marshall, what good is served by covering GSC’s one-sided, ancient bygones nothing can be done about? If you want to help make positive changes of timely relevance why don’t you address the College’s present enrollment drop trend with suggestions for ways to fix it? There was a decline of 8% two years ago, 2.5% last year and another reported 2% this year. Hardly evidence of booming conditions. It could be that off campus federal prison inmate enrollment is all that is propping the place up. When there was pressure for the County to approve close to 30 million dollars of bond money for GSC’s new dorm we were assured that more space was necessary to accommodate an enrollment surge. Didn’t happen. Recently when GSC got another bond prop up for the WACO Center we were promised higher levels of health care (24/7), more services, and more high paying health care jobs to boost the community. No sign of any of that happening. What are your recommendations, Marshall, for making GSC thrive and at least to stop enrollment hemorrhaging.

By E. Moffit  on  11.12.2014

Why has notification of all meeting the State conducts not been posted on the GFP? If the State wants improved transparency and greater public participation a positive change would be openness in informing citizens about meetings. The appearance of secrecy and restricted information for the public has contributed greatly to anger and the lack of trust directed against the State following its intervention. Conditions here are similar to those the MIT professor revealed the past few days about the U.S. government’s tactic of purposely limiting transparency to establish controversial programs. Another improvement would be for the State to stop its heavy handed practice of forcing citizens who sign up to speak at school board meetings to have to wait to speak until near the end of meetings. Mr. Devono could stop that disrespectful practice immediately by making the change for the November school board meeting and publishing the agenda on the GFP to inform the public. What about it Mr. Devono?

By John Messenger  on  11.12.2014

EM, Bluefield enrollment down over 11%.  WVU barely increased 1%.  Would improving the nations view of public education throughout West Virginia be of any benefit? If it is perceived the state can not create a successful public school environment without invoking what equates to marshal law, why would any parent consider our colleges for their child?

By Marshall  on  11.14.2014

The difference with other WV colleges reporting down enrollments is that none of them boast that they are the best in America like GSC does. There has to be a disconnect with GSC. Either its quality is exaggerated and students and counselors everywhere know it or the College’s administrators are failing with advertising. After searching reputable educational publications including sources specializing in ranking colleges nothing can be found to verify that GSC is the best in America or anything close to it. GSC’s officials are invited to come forward with provable clarification about the College’s true status.

By HIgh School Counselor  on  11.17.2014

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Normantown Elementary School: Call for Crafters

The Gilmer Free Press

The Normantown Elementary School is hosting a Craft Show on Saturday, November 08, 2014 beginning at 10:00 AM.

If you are a crafter and would like to display your crafts for sale, please contact Julie Beckner at 304.354.9343.

One space is $15 or a double space is $25.

Spaces will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Gilmer County precincts for November 2014 General Election

The Gilmer Free Press


If you are registered in the following precinct, this will be where you need to go vote on November 04, 2014, General Election.

Precinct 1 – Normantown School - Preschool Room

Precinct 5 – Cedarville Volunteer Fire Department

Precinct 6 – Rosedale Alliance Church Building

Precinct 12 – Kanawha Drive Community Building

Precinct 13 – Tanner Community Building

Precinct 14 – Sand Fork Elementary Gymnasium

Precinct 15 – Glenville Elementary School- Music Room

Precinct 16 – Gilmer County High School- Commons Area

Precinct 17 – Sand Fork Elementary – Cafeteria

Precinct 18 – XTO Yard Office Building

Precinct 20 – Gilmer County High School - Library

Precinct 24 – Glenville Elementary – Cafeteria

Precinct 27 – Troy Elementary School – Main Building Basement

Precinct 31 – Cox’s Mills Community Building

Sophie Lynn Wood and Charleah Beth Wood

The Gilmer Free Press    The Gilmer Free Press

Sophie Lynn Wood and Charleah Beth Wood

became God’s twin angels on October 28, 2014.

Born to Tiffany Isenhart and Harley Wood at St. Joseph Hospital in Buckhannon, West Virginia.

Charleah was born first at 8:17 PM, weighing 5 pounds 14 ounces, and 18 3/4 inches.

Sophie followed 2 minutes behind at 8:19 PM, weighing 4 pounds 6 ounces and 17 1/2 inches long.

Sophie looked like her daddy, Harley, while Charleah looked more like her mommy, Tiffany, and her Grandpa Charles.

Sophie and Charleah are joined in heaven with their maternal Grandpa, Charles Robert Isenhart and great-grandpa, Franklin Lee Isenhart, great- grandma, Carolyn Burkhammer, great aunt, Kathy Wheeler,  paternal grandpa Kevin Wood, and great-Grandpa Robert Sears.

The twins are survived by their mommy and daddy, older sister, Jasmine, and big brother, Cameron, grandmas Missy Wood of Buckhannon, and Jean Isenhart of Fairmont, grandpas Dave Hoy of Buckhannon and Chris Romano of Fairmont, uncles, Richard Wood of Weston and Charles Thompson of Ohio, aunts, Crystal Smith of Kentucky,  Becky Lambert of Normantown, Melissa Isenhart of Ohio, Sandra Branson of Virginia, and Chelsea Miller of Fairmont.

Sophie and Charleah are survived by many other family members, and friends of their mommy and daddy’s.

They loved feeling their brother, sister, and daddy rub mommy’s belly and getting kisses from them all. They loved feeling Cameron and Jasmine’s hugs and hearing them say “baby” all the time. The family didn’t get much time with the twins, but they were loved by everyone.

Funeral Services will be conducted at the Ellyson Mortuary Inc. 2 Vanhorn Drive, Glenville, WV, 26351 at 2:00 PM Sunday November 02, 2014 with Pastor Bryan Groves officiating.

Burial will follow in the Cedarville Cemetery, Cedarville, WV.

Friends and family may call from 1-2 PM Sunday afternoon at the mortuary.

Ellyson Mortuary Inc is assisting the family of Sophie Lynn and Charleah Beth Wood with arrangements.

Gordon E. Jenkins

The Gilmer Free Press

Gordon E. Jenkins

born January 18, 1942, went home to be with the Lord October 29, 2014.

Gordon was the son of the late Arch and Lena (Smith) Jenkins of Orton, WV.

He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Wavelene; son, Jeffrey (Beth) Jenkins of Gassaway; daughters, Shelly (Eddie) Facemire of Gassaway and Kristie (James) Hill of Fairmont; four grandchildren, Bryan (Maria) Jenkins, Aaron (Lesli) Jenkins, Olivia and Noah Facemire; five great-grandchildren, Lydia, Sarah, Emily, Aubrey and Arthur Ryan. Gordon is also survived by siblings, Goldamurl Atchison and Geraldine Cogar both of Weston, Greta Hardman of Grafton, OH, Glena (Roy) Green of Lagrange, OH, Ralph Jenkins of Parkersburg, Charles (Wilda) Jenkins of Normantown and twin Golden (Betty) Jenkins of Glenville and several nieces and nephews.

In addition to his parents he was also preceded in death by brothers, Emerson of Parkersburg, Eugene and Marple both of Grafton, OH and infants Woodrow and Marvin.

Gordon was longtime member of the Crooked Fork Baptist Church, Perkins, WV where he served as deacon, treasurer, trustee, and song leader.

He retired after many years from Hope Natural Gas Company.

Service will be 11 AM Saturday, November 01, 2014 at Richard M. Roach Funeral Home, Gassaway with Pastor Roger Stewart officiating.

Burial will be in the Crooked Fork Baptist Church Cemetery, Perkins.

Friends may call from 6 to 9 PM Friday at the funeral home.

Arrangements by Richard M. Roach Funeral Home, Gassaway.

Normantown Elementary School: Call for Crafters

The Gilmer Free Press

The Normantown Elementary School is hosting a Craft Show on Saturday, November 08, 2014 beginning at 10:00 AM.

If you are a crafter and would like to display your crafts for sale, please contact Julie Beckner at 304.354.9343.

One space is $15 or a double space is $25.

Spaces will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Normantown: Fall Craft Fair - 11.08.14

The Gilmer Free Press

Wendel D. Beall

The Gilmer Free Press

Wendel D. Beall

Age 75 of Cedarville, West Virginia, departed this life Monday afternoon,  October 27, 2014 at his residence following a short illness.

Born July 02, 1939 in Normantown, West Virginia, he was the son of the late Doyl and Louise Whitesel Beall.

Wendel was a member of the Lower Steer Run Baptist Church.

He was a member of the Gilmer County Fire Department, Cedarville detachment for 33 years. Wendel worked at the Ford Motor Company for 13 years before moving back to Cedarville where he worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 38 years. He loved animals, watching sports, especially WVU football, and spending time with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

On October 08, 1960 he was united in marriage to Vivian Rose Lynch, who survives at their Cedarville home.

Surviving are 4 children, Becky Wilcox and husband Jeff of Washington, West Virginia, Bobbi Hern and husband Kevin of Cedarville, WV; Gary Beall and wife Lisa of Buckhannon, West Virginia, and Jimmy Beall and wife Glenda of Rochelle, Illinois, 2 sisters, Zeta Jean Mohr of Wellington, Ohio, Evonne Mohr and husband Ring of Normantown, West Virginia, and 2 brothers David Beall and wife Ruthie of LaGrange, Ohio, and Junior Beall and wife Barbara of Cox’s Mills, West Virginia.

He is also survived by his special buddy, “Doodle”.

There are 10 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, and 1 sister in law, Sandra Beall of Perkins, West Virginia also surviving.

Along with his parents, Wendel was preceded in death by 1 brother Jackie Beall, and 1 brother in law, Glen Mohr.

Graveside Services will be conducted at the Lynch Cemetery, Cedarville, West Virginia, at 3:00 PM Wednesday October 29, 2014 with Pastor Mark Minney officiating

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Lynch Family Cemetery Fund care of United Bank of Glenville,  101 E Main St, Glenville, WV 26351.

Ellyson Mortuary Inc., 2 Vanhorn Drive, Glenville, WV is assisting the family of Wendel Beall with arrangements. 

GFP - 10.29.2014
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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

The family of Wendel Beall would like to thank everyone for their prayers, calls, kindness, support,
and love during his brief illness and death.  For three weeks in October, our lives came to a standstill
and were both the longest and shortest 3 weeks of our lives. 

To those who brought food, medical supplies, newspapers, anything that we could imagine that we didn’t even know we needed, we will forever be grateful.

To those who helped dig the grave and cover it after, thanks just isn’t enough.

To those who sat with us, not needing entertained, just to offer support and do whatever needed to be done, you will never now much it meant to us.

To the Hospice Care nurses and support staff, there are no words that can express our gratitude for
all your compassion and caring in this excruciating situation. 

To those who have donated to the cemetery fund, those that sent flowers and the dozens and dozens of cards, each one lifts our spirits.

To the Fire Department for their loving and touching tribute, we and all that were present were so very touched.  We don’t think there was a dry eye within hearing.  Dad would have been honored.

To Preacher Mark Minney, our thanks for your visits to both the hospital and home meant so much and Dad would have been very blessed by his final service.  You knew him so well.

May God bless you all for your love and kindness shown to our family.

By Bobbi Hern  on  11.04.2014

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